Meals Per Gallon

groceryalliance2013The average American driver puts 15,000 miles on their vehicle each year.  That also happens to be the total number of miles covered by our 10 Grocery Alliance drivers each month, as they recover fresh produce, meat, dairy products and other staples from over 300 grocery stores throughout Central Florida.

All of that mileage means that we’re filling up — a lot! Trucks used for our Grocery Alliance Program get approximately 6 miles per gallon of diesel, however, there’s a much more important MPG to take into consideration – Meals Per Gallon.  Our trucks collect the equivalent of 340 meals per gallon of gas, which is the same as 57 meals per mile!

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our participating retailers, who include Publix, Walmart, Winn Dixie, Target, BJ’s, Sam’s Club and Sweetbay; products distributed through our Grocery Alliance Program now account for over 40% of the food bank’s overall distribution.

While we may be at the pump pretty often, we’re ultimately ‘filling up’ with truckloads of nutritious food for our neighbors in need.

Fox 35 recently profiled a Grocery Alliance pick-up and delivery.

FOX 35 News Orlando

Lauren Moskowitz
Grocery Alliance Program Manager

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