Making Mother Earth a Better Place to Live

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida is just as much an environmental organization as a human services one. Each year the food bank rescues millions of pounds of food destined for landfills and instead redistributes it to help feed kids, families and seniors in our community.

Alexis Perez, a marketing student in Dr. Ted Gournelos’s class at Rollins College, created this video to illustrate how Second Harvest is tackling food waste in Central Florida.

Each year, 36 million tons (or 72 billion pounds) of food is wasted. If food banks like Second Harvest were able to rescue all of that food, it could provide 60 billion meals!

Second Harvest works to recover wholesome, unsold food from manufacturers, wholesalers, farmers and grocers every day. By rescuing this perfectly edible food and providing it to families facing hunger, we are taking a large step in protecting our planet and conserving resources.

Top Food Rescue Programs include:

  • Grocery Alliance. When you see Second Harvest box trucks on local streets, be sure to wave to the Grocery Alliance team. These drivers help rescue unsold dry goods, meats, produce and baked goods from 490 grocery and warehouse clubs across Central Florida.
  • Food Industry. One way the food industry support Second Harvest is donating leftover product from trade shows and conventions. Already this year, volunteers have gathered enough food from these shows to provide more than 231,000 meals!
  • Community Food Drives. Marie Kondo is inspiring many of you to clean out your pantry! By donating unopened food, you are keeping these items out of the local landfill and providing nearly 430,000 meals annually.
  • Farm to Table. Second Harvest works with local farmers to rescue healthy produce that may be slightly imperfect (too small, too large, etc.) but completely edible to help provide more fresh food to our neighbors in need. Popular items last year included potatoes, watermelon, carrots, onions, cabbage, cantaloupes and sweet potatoes.

Thanks to your support, together we are making Central Florida, and Mother Earth, a cleaner, fuller, happier, healthier, safer and better place to live.

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