Leading the Conversation about Hunger in Central Florida

Tonight across Central Florida, one in five children will go to bed hungry and wake up tomorrow worrying about their next meal. While programs exist to help feed children in our community, more can be done to help fill the meal gap. Creative solutions often come from starting a simple conversation.

Kids are curious by nature. “Why” is often their favorite question to ask. And for parents, it’s not always easy finding the right words to explain difficult topics, like the reason a classmate never brings food for snack-time.

That’s where Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida comes in. The nonprofit organization, which distributes enough food to feed 58,000 people a day, recently introduced a new family activity guide.

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The launch comes at a time of year when many conversations are centered around food. Kids see schools, churches and community groups seeking donations of canned food to help provide a nutritious Thanksgiving meal for neighbors in need.

The Fighting Hunger Family Activity Guide uses kid-friendly language to explain why a classmate might not be excited about Thanksgiving break – and why his or her family might not have food for this holiday.

Many of the activities encourage kids to get involved by giving back; others just provide a fun way to spend time with mom and dad.

Second Harvest invites you to download the Fighting Hunger Family Activity Guide from its website, www.FeedHopeNow.org/family.

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