Kids Cafe Nourishes Friendship

Alaina and Nola are best friends. And like best friends, they have many things in common. They share a love of unicorns and silly songs. They were in the same kindergarten class last year and have been inseparable ever since. Every day after school they play games, do homework and have a warm meal at a Second Harvest Food Bank Kids Cafe

On a recent afternoon, Alaina and Nola enjoyed chicken tenders, tater tots, oranges, and milk.

“My favorite is the oranges,” said Alaina.

“I like the chicken fingers,” said Nola.

Ok, maybe best friends don’t always like the same things.

“I want to take the seeds home,” explained Alaina. “I’ll plant an orange tree. Then, I’ll grow my own oranges for orange juice.”

“I love orange juice!” exclaimed Nola.

And then they both giggled.

Moments like these are important. But this one almost didn’t happen. Over the summer, Alaina’s family moved to a new apartment. This means she is attending a new school this year, without Nola. She was nervous at the beginning of the school year to start a new school with a new teacher and new peers. But she was reassured when she learned she could still spend afternoons with her best friend in a safe and familiar place.

Kids Café provides nutritionally balanced meals on weekdays at after school programs during the school year. Site partners such as community centers, churches and parks and recreation centers serve as a host to the program and provide a variety of activities that are enriching, entertaining and designed for the best of friends.

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