Key Lime Tartar Sauce: Flagler Beach Company Gives Back

Key Lime Tartar Sauce gives back to local food pantryAt Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, we are fortunate to have so many great local companies who want to give back and fight hunger in our community. Christopher Marlow, son of the owners of Golden Lion Cafe in Flagler Beach, is one such person. Their product, Key Lime Tartar Sauce, is set to hit Publix shelves in May, and to kick off the product launch, they’ve offered to donate part of their proceeds to fighting hunger in Central Florida.

Recently, Chris sat down with us, and told us a little about his product and why he became involved with Second Harvest Food Bank.


Question 1: How did the Key Lime Tartar Sauce originate?

Our Key Lime Tartar Sauce is a family recipe from our restaurant The Golden Lion Café in Flagler Beach. We have been a Fresh Seafood Destination for 23 years. We always served it at the restaurant and we decided to bottle it in 2013. After a year of pushing, the product was accepted in Flagler County Publix Supermarkets in 2014, and soon after Volusia County Publix’s too. We are extremely happy to announce that The Golden Lion’s Key Lime Tartar Sauce will be available in almost 400 Publix locations from Gulf Shores Alabama to Jacksonville, and down to Tampa Bay on May 19th, 2015!

Key Lime Tartar SauceQuestion 2:  In the past you have donated funds to local food pantries near the restaurant where Key Lime Tartar Sauce originated – what motivated you to be involved in the fight against hunger, and what is your favorite part about it?

Two years ago on Christmas our family realized the tremendous need to feed the hungry in Flagler County. Flagler County was not participating in a food drive during the holiday season, so many local restaurants helped bring the community together. I also graduated from Stetson University, where I was taught the value of giving, how important it is, and the effect it can have on other peoples lives. My family decided to donate 50% of the profits from our Key Lime Tartar Sauce to local food pantries in order to feed the hungry. We began by supporting the food pantry in Bunnell called the Flagler County Resource Center, and then supporting Halifax Urban Ministries in Daytona Beach. My favorite part of giving is definitely making a difference in the life of a child. I was blown away by how many children do not have food when they come home from school. Setting a child up for success is a wonderful feeling.


Question 3: What made you decide to partner with Second Harvest Food Bank?

On every bottle of Key Lime Tartar Sauce it says “ 50% of the profits donated to local food pantries.” I think it is important to give locally, and I want to continue to do so. Partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida enables me to make a single donation that can support families in need throughout Central Florida, by utilizing Second Harvest’s distribution network. It makes me so happy to support Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. We like to say, “Every bottle makes a difference” and I’m pleased to work with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to create a successful and long lasting partnership.


Thanks Chris for sharing your story! Before we go, do you have any inexpensive recipes to share with our followers, using your Key Lime Tartar Sauce?

Sure!! The Key Lime Tartar Sauce is not like your traditional boring tartar sauce. It is a versatile product and can be used on many foods not just your favorite seafood dishes. This is because of its Key Lime Juice, ketchup, hot sauce, Old Bay, and other exotic ingredients. Its rich pink color can really brighten up your favorite recipe.  Guests love it on chicken, as well as sandwiches and whatever else makes your taste buds tingle!

My favorite thing to make with the sauce is a fish Reuben. Just throw your favorite white and flaky fish (I love grouper) on marble rye with some Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Key Lime Tartar Sauce. This puts a tropical spin on a classic that we all love.

Shoppers have definitely fallen in love with it as a dip or marinade too… Trust me pretty much anything dipped in Key Lime Tartar Sauce is absolutely delicious.

Thank you so much I am so fortunate that I am in a place to help. Raising awareness is the key, which is why I love being a piece of the puzzle at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Thank you for the time and remember, Every Bottle Makes a Difference!

Key Lime Tartar Sauce Every bottle Makes a Difference

Wow! That does sound delicious. Our Vice President of Development concurs, having this to say about The Golden Lion’s Key Lime Tartar Sauce:

This is a truly unique and delicious product—I put it on everything, and my kids can’t get enough!   Besides that, it’s helping an awful lot of struggling people get enough to eat.

And knowing that 50% of proceeds will be going to fight hunger in our community, how can you not to pick one up for yourself?

No matter if you give a $1 or a $10,000 donation, volunteer, or spread the word about hunger, you make an impact in your community. We at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, are always awed by the action our community takes to help our neighbors in need.  Because of our donors, because of our volunteers, and local businesses like the Marlow’s, more meals are being distributed for kids, families, and seniors. Thank you!

Melissa Kear
Online Marketing Coordinator

Key Lime Tartar Sauce gives back to local food pantry Key Lime Tartar Sauce at Publix
Key Lime Tartar Sauce yummy

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