It’s Time to La La

Actress Salma Hayek discussed philanthropy on a recent CBS Sunday Morning broadcast. She’s certainly qualified to do that, having been honored by UNICEF for her humanitarian work. She talked about how little it takes to make big, big changes and, when so many people need it, “How do we spend?” is the best question. That totally resonated with me.

Ms. Hayek went on to say that what’s important is “finding who can you help the most, how can you help the best, and through who you can be the most effective.” Yes!!! That’s how I feel about the Swamp Sistas and our annual partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. We enable Second Harvest to put food in the hands of kids who desperately need it over the summer months and we do it together, by volunteering in the warehouse, raising money with our La La Summer Hope virtual food drive, and raising our voices at the Swamp Sistas La La Fest at Loch Haven Park on May 19. By focusing our efforts on the Orlando community, we exponentially increase our impact and when we work together, every little bit helps a lot!

Finding who you can help the most: When we ensure that kids in our area have year-round access to healthy food, we are feeding our own future. They are the public servants, artists, taxpayers and parents of tomorrow. We want them to have the best possible chance for healthy development.

Helping in the best possible way: Swamp Sistas is a grassroots organization nearing 3,000 members and our combined energy is a force. With two generous donors who have pledged to match all donations made on or before the special La La Day of Giving on May 9. You can help by donating what you are able, sharing the opportunity for double impact with friends and family, and encouraging others to join the effort.

Getting resources to their destination efficiently: Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida has super-efficient methods for distribution and partnerships that they have built with food suppliers. They are able to convert a mere $10 donation, when matched, to provide 80 healthy meals for kids this summer.

We’re grateful for this opportunity to make a difference and especially grateful to our secret matching donors who are doubling our efforts, on May 9 for La La Day of Giving. I hope you’ll consider throwing a little something in our community pot to make a big difference this summer.

– Beth McKee
Singer/ Songwriter/ Swamp Sista #1

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