It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dream

It has been almost two years since Shandra completed the Second Harvest Culinary Training Program. You might recall that before entering the Culinary Training Program, she was an assistant manager at a convenience store, but that her family still struggled with bills.

Shandra went from a full-time job down to part-time in order to complete the program. She had to take a step back in order to move forward, and it has been worth it. Her dream to cook is now providing a better life for Shandra, her husband, James, and their four children.

Today, Shandra is proud to work two jobs and she loves them both. She continues to work at Village on the Green in Longwood, and has been promoted to Lead Breakfast Cook. She also bakes at Allegro, a new senior living community in Winter Park.

The Second Harvest Culinary Training Program helped Shandra develop the skills she is able to carry through her career and throughout her life. Her advice to anyone thinking of pursuing culinary?

“It’s never too late. I was in my 30’s with four kids. If you have a goal, or a dream that you want to do, do it.”

Hear more from Shandra in the video below.

“Do what you love,” says Shandra. “In the end, it’s worth it.”

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