Italian Feast!

Italian Feast! Two weeks ago I was invited to attend the Thomson Reuters National Marketing Convention held at the JW Marriott Orlando. The convention hosted over 600 employees from locations worldwide. On this particular evening, the group was participating in a team building activity. You might be asking: How can 600 people participate in one activity? and why was I even invited here in the first place?

Instead of participating in a quick team building game, Thomson Reuters decided to give back to the community through a service project. What better way to get to know your fellow employees than by having a cooking session with them, right? They decided to have a lasagna making contest!

 During the planning stages we were approached to see if we would like to be the beneficiary of the 375 lasagna dinners. Of course Second Harvest jumped on the offer and began planning the transportation and delivery process for the meals.

That night I started off the evening by saying a few things about Second Harvest and the hunger we face here in our  Central Florida community. I couldn’t believe how many people were there! Each team made lasagna dinners which included salads and cannolis. The teams were headed up by a chef from the hotel who helped and instructed them on how to put together all of the components of the meal.

The employees of Thomson Reuters provided dinners for 1,500 people here in the Central Florida community. What an amazing task done in such a short amount of time! The employees that I spoke to were very excited to be giving back in such a large way. It was great to see a company create an event that was so much fun for its employees while also helping people outside of their group in such an important way. Thanks to Thomson Reuters, 1,500 people in Central Florida received a true Italian feast the following night!



Jen Gibson
Volunteer Services and Food Drive Assistant

Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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