Imagine …

imagine2014eoyaYou’re five years old.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Your friends are chatting eagerly about mashed potatoes, turkey covered in gravy, and pumpkin pie.

But at your house, you’ll be lucky to have a bowl of cereal.

Your stomach rumbles, and you pull your coat together to hide the sounds as you step off the school bus. The sidewalk to your house seems especially long today. As you reach to open your front door, you close your eyes tight and wish as hard as you can that tomorrow won’t be just another day without enough food.

Maybe this year, you hope, you won’t have to imagine your Thanksgiving.

In Central Florida, too many children, seniors and families will spend their holidays imagining what a real holiday is like. But your generous support has shown that together, we can create a new reality.

For every $10 you give to Second Harvest, we can distribute up to $90 worth of nutritious food through our partner food pantries and other programs.

Great friends of Second Harvest like you don’t have to imagine because you already know how much relief and hope your generous act of kindness will provide. Will you please help generously today?

Giving our thanks to you,
Dave Krepcho

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