Hunger Ends With My Vote

National Voter Registration Day is a national holiday celebrating our democracy. Every year, it is held on the 4th Tuesday of September. This year it took place on September 24th. 

This year, Feeding America and food banks across the nation, are taking part in voter engagement efforts for two reasons:

  1. To empower the people we serve with the knowledge that their voice matters in their community and they can start making their voice heard by registering to vote;
  2. To help the people we serve become likely voters so their voice and priorities of protecting federal nutrition programs matter more to lawmakers

This was the first year that Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida participated in National Voter Registration Day and we made sure to educate our staff, and advocates like you, to be registered to vote!

We did some myth busting about voting on National Voter Registration Day.

Where can I go to register to vote?
If you recently moved, changed your name, or gained the right to vote, make sure you’re registered in Florida here:

Not convinced you should register to vote? Here’s our myth busting:

MYTH: I’ll get jury duty if I register to vote.
False. If you have a Florida license or ID, you’re already in the pool to be selected for jury duty. It’s a great opportunity to take part in our civic discourse too!

MYTH: You only have to register once in your life.
False. Every time you move homes, change your name, want to update your party affiliation or update your signature, you must update your voter registration. You can do it on the phone with your county’s Supervisor of Election office, or online at

MYTH: My vote doesn’t matter.
False. As all Floridians remember, every vote in every election matters, including local municipal ones. Many elections have been declared “too close to call” and have been decided by only a handful of votes. Make sure your voice is heard in the 2020 elections.

If you’d like to register to vote or update your registration, you can do so online at

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