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Mitchell Spector Halloween food driveHi,

I am Mitchell Spector, I am 11 years old and my program “Trick-or-Treat Food-to-Eat” was a huge success. I got inspired when my cousin Kayla started it for the first time working with Feeding South Florida in Miami. She has been doing it for 6 years and has collected food over the years to feed over 15,000 meals.

I thought it was a great idea as a way to make a difference. So we thought about starting it up here in Orlando. It all started when I went to Second Harvest Food Bank to visit Sasha and saw all of the good work they do. I was amazed at how many volunteers come in a day to help.

That same day, we wentover to Baxter Restoration, the company who is sponsoring my event. They were also collecting cans as a company and in one meeting room you had to bring at least 5 cans just to get in to the meeting. The CEO Dave Baxter promised to donate $1 for every can we collected up to $500. Then I knew I was on a mission to collect at least 500 cans.

One week before Halloween, I went out with my brother and my dad to hand out 200 flyers to my subdivision in Keene’s Point. We went house to house.  When I went out to hand out flyers, I started to feel like I was about to do something very great and thoughtful.  People that we talked to were really nice and told me how great this was.  I thought that was a great feeling.

Some people were not home so we just left the flyers on their door. Progressively over the days after I handed out flyers, I saw that people were taking in their flyers and that made me and my family feel very good. We were getting excited for Halloween!  Finally it was the night we prepared for!  We invited some friends to come and help us. My mom ordered in pizzas to give us energy for the night.  We got big bags and started going to all the houses we handed flyers to.
Mitchell Spector Halloween food drive

Some people really loved this idea and gave us cans when we knocked on the door. We explained we were there to collect food not candy. People who were not home but got our flyer left bags of food on the front porches with our flyer attached.  After only a few houses, our bags got so full and heavy that my Pop-Pop had to come out in his car to follow us to drive all the cans we were collecting.

Along the way, I have to admit, we did eat some candy!  After several hours we came home and had some refreshing ice cream.  Then was the moment I was waiting for….to sort and count the food items we collected. They were all in our garage.  We counted 416 items!!  Baxter Restoration collected enough to make it to 500!!  We met our goal and did an amazing job this first year.  I wonder how many we can collect next year??

Mitchell Spector
Hunger Hero

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