“Hi-Five” to 25,740 Kids Packs

Kids wearing Hi-Five Kids Packs Second Harvest Food Bank is delivering thousands of Hi-Five Kids Packs to Union Park and Wheatley Elementary Schools through the support of Orange County Citizens’s Review Panel.

Each child received a green or blue back pack so that he or she may easily carry home 8-item packets of shelf-stable, kid-friendly food.

Every Friday while school is in session, school staff will place a pack or two into each child’s back pack.

By September, 25,740 packs will have found their way into the hands of needy children.

At these two schools, over 90% of the children’s families are at or below the poverty level. An alarming number are also homeless or living in transient dwellings.

Thanks to a grant by the Orange County Citizens’s Review Panel, each and every student at Wheatley and Union Park will receive food packets for weekend consumption.

The combined enrollment at both schools is over 860.

This latest addition expands the Hi-Five Kids Pack program to 18 schools.

Since 2007, more than 220,000 Kid Packs have been made available to over 30 schools in Central Florida; representing a total of more than 660,000 meals.

For a list of our Kids Pack Schools, click below.

2013-14 Hi-Five Kids Pack Schools

For more information on the Kids Pack Program, follow this link:

The Hi-Five Kids Pack Program

Santos Maldonado
Childhood Hunger Programs Manager

Funded in full or in part by:

Hi-Five Kids Packs

Kids wearing Hi-Five Kids Packs

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