Health & Hunger in Central Florida: A Call to Action

On September 22nd, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida presented the Community Health Needs Assessment in partnership with Florida Hospital and Orlando Health. With more than 100 attendees that included community leaders, executives and elected officials, the report revealed that food insecurity, along with access to care, is key to improving a person’s health and well-being.

Hunger is now seen as a health issue, and food is the best medicine. As such, access to adequate nutrition is now a top priority for the major health systems in Central Florida. This new focus will have a profound impact on our community.

As such, Second Harvest Food Bank is changing the way that our community sees and understands hunger. We are no longer seen as just a food bank, but as a health provider through the power of adequate nutrition for our most vulnerable neighbors. This change led to discussing the upcoming Farm Bill, and the severe impact that the proposed cuts would have on food assistance programs, like SNAP. Two out of three SNAP users are either children, seniors or people with disabilities. With the proposed cuts, 32 million meals would disappear every year from Central Florida. This will affect approximately 739,000 Central Floridians that have nothing left to cut back or out of their household budget.

As our President/CEO Dave Krepcho said, “We are not going to food bank our way out of this.”

Ultimately, this event was able to generate conversation and form vital partnerships to not just feed our neighbors, but end hunger in Central Florida.

Two ways you can take action:

Advocate for issues surrounding health and hunger.

Sign up for advocacy alerts to stay informed on issues related to health and hunger.

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A discussion about Health & Hunger in Central Florida.

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Posted by Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida on Friday, September 22, 2017

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