Hanging out with Hunger Heroes

Hanging out with Hunger HeroesDuring the past few weeks I have had the pleasure to have a series of discussions with dozens of our Partner Agencies. These are the passionate, committed and wonderful groups that receive food through Second Harvest. They are the ones who then take that food and feed the people in their program, neighborhood and community.

They represent just over 550 emergency food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, after-school programs and many more.

Daphne and Marie pictured to the left, area fine example of what I would call Hunger Heroes. They both work at New Hope Community Church of God in Bithlo, one of our  partner agencies.

The discussions we’ve been having are a good opportunity to find out what’s on the minds of our Partner Agencies.

What are their challenges? What are the questions on their minds? What are their concerns?

Listening to their voices is always a valuable experience because their perspective is so important. I always learn something new every time I get together with a group like this. I am always inspired as well because of the day to day impact they have on almost 71,000 different people in need per week in the six County Central Florida area. Despite the numbers of people in need not declining, their passion stays strong.

These discussions also show how we practice two of our organizational values of Respect and Collaboration. Whenever anyone of us truly listens with undivided attention to someone else, Respect is present. Whenever someone is looking to work even closer together toward a common goal, Collaboration is happening.

For anyone reading this blog and has not had the chance to meet any of our Partner Agencies, please stop by and visit, you’ll be inspired! They are serving children, seniors, the disabled and unemployed that are looking for work. Please come by and listen to their stories, it will make a lasting impression.

I’m pleased to be able to use this opportunity to share a bit about these unsung heroes for hunger relief. They are part of a unique network of food providers. On behalf of all of them, thank you for your interest and support.

Dave Krepcho

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