Gross!“Gross!” is what we commonly hear from children when they are asked to try vegetables. We decided to take on the challenge and turn that response to “Mmm-mmm…good!”

We successfully completed our challenge with the generous help of CarMax. We piloted GROSS, a 5-week nutrition education program at the Callahan Community Center in the Parramore area. Every week one of the five fruit and vegetable color families was highlighted, and children made recipes with fruits and vegetables in that color family.

Who would’ve known that raw red bell peppers and radishes would be enjoyed so much by 2nd graders? This kid-friendly recipe was a hit!

Give it a try:

Red Pepper and Radish Pizza
(Sample Serving)

1 Cracker (We used Cuban crackers)
1 Tsp Low Fat/Light Cream Cheese
4 small pieces of diced radish
4 small pieces of diced red bell pepper

• Spread the cream cheese onto the cracker.
• Sprinkle the diced radishes onto the cream cheese.
• Sprinkle the diced red peppers onto the cream cheese.

View photos from the last week of our nutrition education program at Callahan Community Center.

Maria Ali, RD, LD/N
Nutrition Manager

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