Getting Fresh Produce and Bakery Items out to the Community

Second Harvest Food Bank is fortunate to receive a daily assortment of produce and bakery items from our food donors. Fresh produce and bakery items are some of the most sought after foods that our partner agencies can provide to their clients. It can be difficult for our partner agencies to distribute fresh produce on a consistent basis; this is one of the reasons why Second Harvest created the Produce and Baked Goods Drop.

We currently distribute food via food drops once a month to Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole County. Our goal is to vary the locations so a variety of partner agencies can host sites throughout the various counties. With this method, we are able to reach areas that in the past have not received fresh produce or baked goods.

Second Harvest distributes approximately 10 pallets of produce and 10 pallets of baked goods at each location. After the food is unloaded our partner agencies then distributes the food to their clients, which consists of families, kids and seniors in need in their communities.

The produce and baked goods drops are a win/win for everyone. By having the drops, Second Harvest is able to distribute to feeding partners that may not be able to distribute fresh product, and in return our feeding partners are able to distribute the fresh produce and bakery items directly to the clients they serve.

Below are pictures from our most recent drops in Lake and Seminole County.

Erin Gray
Agency Relations Manager

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