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Hope for the Holidays virtual food drive 2018

As we ease into fall and (hopefully) cooler weather, many people and companies begin to get ready for the season of giving. Food drive and donation boxes are set out at local schools, banks, churches, and businesses, and people come together to make a difference. It’s always a heart-warming time of year, and I am always so inspired by the people who advocate and take action to fight hunger in their community. 

At Second Harvest, we know how important it is to give you the tools you need to make that difference. Starting a virtual food drive is one of those powerful tools that allow you to raise money and make an even bigger impact. 

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We live in a time where peer-to-peer fundraising is the norm. Like the Kickstarters and GoFundMes of the world, our virtual food drive is a platform where you can share your reasons for raising money to fight hunger, inspire your friends and family, and successfully meet your goals.

This year, I am excited to announce that you can now integrate your virtual food drive with Facebook Fundraisers, meeting your supporters where they already are, and it’s easy to do! Once you register your drive, you’ll enter your participant center, and with a couple clicks you will have set up a Facebook Fundraiser tied directly to your virtual food drive, giving you the ability to fundraise in either and have it sync to both. Pretty cool, right?

virtual food drive Facebook Fundraiser screenshot

Plus, we give you a toolkit loaded with social media graphics and suggested text, prepopulated email templates, and your own personal fundraising coach (me!).

So start off the season of giving by setting up a virtual food drive at, meet your milestones, and make a huge impact for local kids, seniors, and families! You have the power and the tools to make a change. Fight hunger. Feed Hope. Thank you for being a Hunger Hero to your Central Florida neighbors in need.

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