From the Food Bank to the Moon (and back!)

From the Food Bank to the Moon (and back!)Last week managers in our operations department met offsite to review our progress for the year. Responsibly distributing food to all of our partner agencies is a sophisticated process and it’s important that we have these check-ups between staff occasionally.

One statistic that surprised me was the amount of product our Power Purchase Center has provided to agencies since 2005.  Power Purchase provides nonprofit feeding programs with access to needed food and other items that are rarely donated by our corporate food donors. 

Second Harvest Food Bank purchases these items in volume, and passes the savings along to our partners. Having these products available as an option helps to save our agencies a little more money, while eliminating their need to leave our facility and go to wholesale clubs or other sources to get the items they need.

15% of the 21 million lbs we distributed last year came from the Power Purchase Center. In addition to food, we carry non-food items that are difficult for our agencies to get donated for their clients.

Since 2005, our purchase program has distributed enough toilet paper, that if you unrolled it, it would go to the moon and back. I’m sure NASA would appreciate our analogy.

Brady Koch
Director of Agency Relations & Programs

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