Food Stamp Challenge: Chef Ed Colleran

Chef Ed Colleran Chef Ed Colleran from Universal Studios
Executive Sous Chef

Challenge Day: September 21, 2012
Short bio: Universal Orlando Resort over 22 years, originally from Boston, moved to Orlando in 1990 to open Universal Studios and currently the Chef of Universal Studios Theme Park. Board Member of Second Harvest Bank.

  • Why did you join the SNAP Challenge? Thought it would be a rewarding challenge and the importance to understand the needs of the community and the difficulty as a consumer to provide for their family on a limited budget. As a Board member of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, I wanted to better understand the needs and the community we serve.
  • What was your experience with food shopping?Was $6.67 enough for an entire day? I was able to provide myself with enough food for the day, however had limited options to provide healthy choices. It was difficult to shop by budget, it took me almost a hour to complete the task.
  • Did you eat well on the SNAP Challenge? How did you feel? As a chef I was able to put together a balance menu, wasn’t the food I normally prepare or eat, however was satisfying.
  • What kind of meals did you eat/prepare?  Breakfast – scrambled eggs and glass of the chocolate milk. Lunch/Snack-banana, rest of the chocolate milk and I prepared deviled eggs with the rest of the eggs I bought. Dinner – Pan seared Pork steak with fresh rosemary (growing at home) garlic and lemon, with caramelized onions, Black beans and yellow rice, and baked sweet potato. Had glass of water with each meal as well.
  • What was the most difficult thing you faced during the SNAP Challenge? For me shopping to a budget, rather than personal selection for items I’d want to eat or prepare.
  • Do you have any additional thoughts or comments about living for a day on a SNAP budget? I have a better awareness of the difficultly and the challenges of the population using the snap program.

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Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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