Food for Thought Tour Inspires Kayla

Attending a Food for Thought Tour is often the first step someone makes when connecting with Second Harvest. These tours are an interactive way to experience the mission of fighting hunger and feeding hope in Central Florida. One tour earlier this summer included Kayla and her grandmother. Her grandmother explained that Kayla had been asking to visit the food bank for some time.

On the one-hour walking tour, they saw inside the Darden Foundation Community Kitchen, where adults in the Culinary Training Program learn the skills needed for a new, sustainable career in foodservice. Then, they walked through the warehouse and cooler to see what types of food are distributed and how the food is stored. Finally, they saw the volunteer work areas where people help sort and package items for our neighbors in need.

Kayla was most interested in how Second Harvest helps reduce food waste. She learned that any meats that aren’t able to be distributed are donated to a large cat and tiger sanctuary for the animals to eat and the same goes for produce, except those items are fed to hogs at a local farm.

“And then, those hogs come back here and people sort through them!” Kayla chimed in.

It’s amazing how young minds can so easily connect the dots in our food system. But, that was not the last we’d hear from this insightful little girl.

Last week Kayla sent a note:

“Dear Second Harvest Food Bank,

A little while ago, my grandma, brother and I went on a tour at your food bank. And then I thought, well, my mom pays me a few bucks every week for chores. And then this thought of helping others crossed my mind. So I saved up for a little while, and I want to give you guys this money to help others. I’m really hoping this money will go to a good place and a good cause. Anyway, thank you so much for helping kids in need of food. Anyway. Thanks!”

She enclosed her savings, which will provide 96 meals for kids, families and seniors in need.

Sign up for a Food for Thought Tour this fall at or find ways to get involved at

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