Everybody Loves Raymond

RaymondAs part of my highly accelerated orientation program here at Second Harvest Food Bank, I have offered up my time to several departments that venture out from the food bank. I immersed myself in several of the ongoing offsite projects we currently undertake, like food drops in Bithlo, Kids Café, branch visits and a Winter Park Cook-Off. Recently, I also had the pleasure of riding along on a Grocery Alliance route with our very own Raymond.

As I have been from the beginning, I was struck again by the power of this organization and its people. Wherever we went that day, Raymond knew exactly who he was speaking to, their story and their habits, and they all knew him too. As busy as some of these locations were, all took the time and seemed to be genuinely happy to help. You could literally see it in their faces as the various departments brought their carts out to us for what was clearly not the first time.

Of course Raymond is quite personable and professional but it seemed to go beyond that. Seeing the truck, the logo on Raymond’s shirt and understanding our mission allows the power we feel every day in this facility to radiate far out into the community.   All the people that make up our team manage to infect those around them with a sense of accomplishment and community, even among fellow food bankers, with just a smile and some honest effort, and I dare say it’s not just due to the holiday season.

As far as we travel, our logo and our name carry such respect and clearly represent two things that appeal to the better side of human nature: Hope and Help, and the opportunity to affect both. So yes, everybody loves Raymond. He represents every employee, board member, volunteer and contributor in the Second Harvest Food Bank community. We are a powerful network with a clear mission, fueled by a deep passion—and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Happy Holiday Season.


Bill Collins
Chief Operating Officer

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