Every Cause Needs A Champion

Every Cause Needs A ChampionWe would like to introduce you to 11 year-old Abbey Brunault.

Abbey came into the food bank a couple of weeks to show us a video she had created for her class. Abbey’s teacher, Mrs. Patti Gordon, asked her class to learn more about a non-profit. Out of all the wonderful organizations in Central Florida, Abbey ended up choosing Second Harvest Food Bank.

All the information on the video Abbey grabbed from our brochures and website. She created the video on her computer and used pictures she took herself when she and her mom came to volunteer. We are in the process of getting this video on our youtube page. Be sure to check back next week to see the posted video.

In addition to creating this amazing video, Abbey handed us a check for $200 out of her own money. What an amazing individual.

We were all so touched by Abbey’s commitment to fighting hunger that we asked her to speak at our Feeding Hope Breakfast. The title of her speech was Hunger is Unacceptable.

We frequently present examples of kids whose families are struggling with poverty, and who need food assistance.  Today, we’re thrilled to present an example of just the opposite.   

A kid who has received the proper nutrition from birth, been nurtured, and supported by loving parents and teachers.  And look what is possible!   So many kids lack only the nutrition element, and could be so much more.  

That’s one of the primary motivators for staff and board at Second Harvest Food Bank.

Feeding Hope Breakfast

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