Tweet for the Cause

Tweet to raise awareness for Hunger Action Month and the Cause:

“I’m taking #hungeraction this September. Learn how at”

“Show your support for people who face hunger in America. Raise awareness by sharing a spoon selfie! [Photo Link Placeholder] #Spoontember”





“Do you know someone who struggles with hunger? You can help: #Hunger Action Month [Photo Link Placeholder]”

Local Hunger Stat Social Graphic - 1 in 5 People





“It’s difficult to learn, play and grow when you’re hungry. You can help: #HungerActionMonth [Photo Link Placeholder]”

1 in 4 children





We serve 53 million meals to people in need every year. Help us feed even more: #HungerActionMonth [Photo Link Placeholder]

millions of meals spoon


Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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