Do You Have Sole?

Wine Women & Shoes Sole Man TJHi there! I’m TJ and this year…

I’m a Soul man! Da-na, da-na, da-na, da-na…

Well, we’re spelling things a little different this year. It’s Soooole Man, baby! What’s the difference? I’m glad you asked! This year, Wine Women & Shoes (WW&S) Orlando has decided to take a turn from Shoe Guys and has turned us into Sole Men. The metamorphosis is complete and we’re very excited to be showing off all that we can do. Look out for Sole Men throughout the event. We’ll be there to cater to all the attendees from passing out wine glasses, pouring wine, serving the VIP tables, (maybe making an appearance on stage), and handing out some very special WW&S CORKS to the wearers of our favorite shoes. Before we get to the April, though, you’ve got a chance to meet this year’s Sole Men!

Visit our pages here to see all the gentlemen that you’ll get to meet, as well as help us crown this year’s KING OF SOLE by donating to their page. Remember 100% of the proceeds from the King of Sole competition go DIRECTLY to Second Harvest Food Bank. Make sure to share their pages and tell your friends, especially if you see a familiar face or two!IMG_8756

We’re all very excited with what’s being cooked up for this year’s Wine Women & Shoes Orlando event. True-to-form you can expect some extra surprises thrown-in for all our attendees’ entertainment! I so look forward to meeting you all this year. Thank you for making us such a success and making this an event that is NOT TO BE MISSED!


TJ Padilla

Wine Women & Shoes Sole Man

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