Dining in Darkness to Shine a Light on Hunger and Vision Impairment

img_8588Do you think that you could handle dining in complete darkness – only relying on smell, taste and texture to try to figure out what food you’ve just taken a bite of? How about trying to guess how full your glass is, trying to sense it’s fullness before it spills over and douses you in water?

Over 125 guests were up for the challenge this year at Light House of Central Florida and Second Harvest Food Bank’s Dining in the Dark. Perhaps it was the Orlando Police Department’s SWAT team that incentivized guests to join, as they greeted and mingled with guests during the cocktail hour, and were decked out in night vision goggles to serve dinner in complete darkness. Or maybe it was award-winning Chef Jill Holland, who treated guests to a whirlwind of delicious flavors and smells, keeping them on their toes as they tried to guess what was plated in front of them.img_8585

While the night was a fun challenge for the guests of Dining in the Dark for one evening, unfortunately, the challenge of food insecurity and vision impairment are a reality to many Central Floridian’s every single day. However, with the help of everyone that attended Dining in the Dark, we were able to raise over $4,735 for each organization! For Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, that’s over 18,940 meals that will be provided to our neighbors in need. Outstanding!

img_8664 img_8689 img_8644

img_8611Thank you to everyone that came out to Dining in the Dark and made it such a success! A very special thanks also to Chef Jill Holland and the Catering for Good staff for providing such an amazing dinner, the gentlemen of the SWAT team for volunteering their time and talent to make Dining in the Dark such a hit, and Lighthouse of Central Florida for being such incredible partners to us. We can’t wait to see everybody again next year!

Maureen Mikel
Event Specialist

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