Closest to the Pin

Closest to the PinEvery year the staff and Board of Directors at Second Harvest have the opportunity to get together for a holiday luncheon. It’s a great calm moment in the midst of our busiest part of the year. In addition to reviewing our year of service to the community we also get to play a couple of games.

This year in honor of the “Make Jim Pay –Philips Phile Challenge” we decided to play a trivia game based on Closest to the Pin.

Try and guess the answer to these questions and highlight the invisible text below to see how close to the pin you get. Remember that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!

 #1. How many calories in a standard Hi-Five weekend feeding packs for kids: 1350

 #2. Pounds of fresh produce we distributed to our partner agencies in fiscal year 09/10: 3,424,634

 #3. Number of miles driven in our longest Grocery Alliance retail store
pickup program route: 120 miles. It’s the Monday-Wednesday-Friday Volusia County 

#4. Year that the food bank was founded: 1983

 #5. Number of active Board of Directors: 20

 #6. How many Benefits Connection SNAP (food stamp) applications were filled out during the month of October: 691

 #7. How many Facebook fans do we have: 1,689 as of 11:21am on December 17.

 #8. How tall is our CEO Dave: 6’4”

 #9. According to our last hunger study, what is the exact number of people who received food assistance in 2009 through Second Harvest: 731,9000

Brady Koch
Director of Agency Relations & Programs

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