Christian HELP: A Community Partnership Giving Back in a Big Way

Christian HELP volunteer training at Second Harvest Culinary Training ProgramAt a United Way meeting the other day, as non-profit companies introduced their new programs, I heard the words over and over: “thanks to Second Harvest, we were able to…”  It is a repeated theme in the community, and a part of nearly every story.  Food is essential to life and Second Harvest is an essential part of many food distribution programs.

Thanks to our Second Harvest Grocery Alliance Partnership, Christian HELP is able to pick up and distribute food to qualified clients and their families as we seek to help them avoid or overcome poverty through family-sustaining employment. What’s really amazing is that thanks to Christian HELP, Second Harvest is able to deliver employment skills to their clients.

Christian HELP volunteer training at Second Harvest Culinary Training ProgramEvery Monday, Jim and Jeff arrive to train the Culinary Training Program participants in the essentials of excellence.  As part of our corps of Central Florida Jobs Initiative (CFJI) Volunteer trainers, they love giving back to the community by training qualified, at-risk and economically disadvantaged Central Florida adults on Performance Excellence for the job-search and throughout their employment.  More than skills, they deliver the confidence, hope and encouragement that equips and empowers these candidates for sustained employment.

“Fantastic! The material is very comprehensive.  Personalized attention is amazing”

Thanks to Second Harvest and thanks to Christian HELP, Central Floridians are avoiding and overcoming poverty through family sustaining employment and food when it is needed most.

CFJI is a program of Christian HELP.  We offer collaborative partnerships throughout the community to provide Excellence training off site for partners or on site with our regularly scheduled programs.

Christian HELP offers a wide range of programs for employers and job-seekers, for more information, go to or call 407 834 4022.


Megan Moscoso
Communications Coordinator
Christian HELP Employment and Resource Center

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