Meet David & Jamil

Good nutrition is important for all of us, especially children. Last year, Second Harvest Food Bank provided over 557,000 meals to children at after-school programs, summer meal sites and through weekend food packs. Two of those children are David and Jamil.

David and Jamil live in Sanford. They are curious third graders who love music, sports and spending time with their friends. They come to Midway Safe Harbor, one of Second Harvest Food Bank’s feeding partners, where, in their words, “We just have a lot of fun.”

At Midway, David and Jamil receive fresh, hot meals every day after school and at lunchtime during the summer. These meals contribute to their overall health, ability to learn and earn better grades while increasing their chances of success.

Thanks to the support of our generous community, Second Harvest and its powerful network of 550 feeding partners, kids like David and Jamil, are able to receive healthy, nutritious meals to help them thrive.

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