Chef Kevin Fonzo Cooks Up an Amazing Chef’s Night

May 2015 Chef's Night with Chef Kevin Fonzo of K RestaurantBefore this past Chef’s Night, I have never had the chance to attend any of the Catering for Good’s Chef’s Night events. Boy, did I pick a good one to attend!

On May 20, 2015, Chef Kevin Fonzo of K Restaurant in College Park hosted a superb Chef’s Night out of our Darden Foundation Community Kitchen, and I was onboard for an in-kitchen, in-dining experience that I am still excited to talk about over a week later.

Joined by a team of two other guys, Sous Chef Jason and Chef Ryan, this trio worked with Chef Jill of our Darden Foundation Community Kitchen and select students from our Culinary Training Program to create a delicious 4-course dining experience.

And it was truly an amazing experience. Chef’s Fonzo’s menu was full of farm-to-table goodness, many things I had never before experienced, such as roasted Tomazin Farms Beets with whipped Turtle Creek Farms goat cheese, pistachio brittle, toasted cumin, and orange. Chef’s Night is definitely a great way to experience new flavors, and new dishes you might never have thought to try before.

May 2015 Chef's Night with Chef Kevin Fonzo of K RestaurantAs each course was served, Chef Fonzo stood with guests in the community room to speak about each dish, and while the guests dined, they could watch Team Fonzo in the kitchen as they prepared the next course. It was clear that Chef Fonzo loves what he does. He spoke passionately about food, using local ingredients, supporting local farms, and giving back. I enjoyed learning Chef Fonzo’s story, and about all the great things he is doing at local schools to teach kids about gardening and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into their meals.May 2015 Chef's Night with Chef Kevin Fonzo of K RestaurantMay 2015 Chef's Night with Chef Kevin Fonzo of K Restaurant
May 2015 Chef's Night with Chef Kevin Fonzo of K Restaurant

Each dish tasted better knowing that the proceeds from that night were going to support Second Harvest’s Culinary Training Program. It continues to amaze me that so many Central Florida award-winning chefs partner with Second Harvest Food Bank to volunteer their time and food to create these magical experiences for guests. Not just because they love to cook, but because they want to be a part of a night that helps at-risk and economically disadvantaged adults pull themselves out of poverty and tough situations through our Culinary Training Program.May 2015 Chef's Night with Chef Kevin Fonzo of K Restaurant

Special thanks to Chef Fonzo, Chef Jason, and Chef Ryan for joining us at our recent Chef’s Night. The menu and execution was superb, and we appreciate the time you spent with us in our community kitchen.May 2015 Chef's Night with Chef Kevin Fonzo of K Restaurant

If you weren’t able to join us on May 20th, or if you did and are looking forward to joining us for another Chef’s Night, then you won’t want to miss June 25th, when award-winning Chef Kathleen Blake of The Rusty Spoon joins us. It’s definitely another evening not to be missed!


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