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September 26, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge: Scott Joseph

Author: Maria Shanley

Scott Joseph Restaurant CriticScott Joseph
Restaurant Critic

Challenge Day: September 12, 2012



  • Why did you join the SNAP Challenge? As someone who regularly dines out on extravagant meals, I wanted to know the food challenges that someone with limited means faces. Read More …
September 24, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge: Chef Marco Colon

Author: Maria Shanley

Marcos Colon Restaurant Chef at Latin Quarters at Universal CityWalkChef Marcos Colon from Universal Studios
Restaurant Chef of the Latin Quarter at Universal Orlando Citywalk

Challenge Day: September 10, 2012

Short Bio: Age 33, has worked at Universal Studios for 10 years. Originally from Staten Island, New York, currently works as a restaurant chef at the Latin Quarters at Universal Orlando Citywalk.

  • Why did you join the SNAP Challenge? Enjoy taking part in drawing positive attention to true needs in our country.  Programs that are integral to our society. Read More …
September 24, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge: Chef Jamie McFadden

Author: Maria Shanley

Chef Jamie McFadden Chef Jamie McFadden from Cuisiners
Executive Chef/Founder Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine & Events
Challenge Day: September 20, 2012

Short bio: Chef Jamie’s “Fresh Approach” Cooking style and attention to detail has proven to be the perfect ingredients in creating a very exciting and successful career path. In 1990 he began to build his reputation as an award winning chef working at various high profile restaurants including his own restaurant, Mimi’s Café & Wine Bar. In 1998 he founded Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine & Events and just celebrated 14 years in creating unforgettable events. In early 2011 Jamie introduced Central Floridians to his version of a tasting bar with his “bar J me” concept. To date this experience has received high marks in the press. In September 2011, the Orlando Sentinel stated “barJme reinvents chef table” and “dinner at the kitchen counter may never be the same”. In 2007, Restaurant Forum named Chef Jamie one of Central Florida’s Top 20 Chef’s. He is the only caterer to receive this award. Most recently, The Orlando Business Journal named Jamie one of Orlando’s “40 Under 40” which recognizes the rising young professionals who are shaping the economy of Central Florida.

  • Why did you join the SNAP Challenge? I joined the SNAP challenge to better educate myself with the SNAP program and gain understanding of the guidelines and restrictions the participants endure. Read More …
September 24, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge: Hari & Jenneffer Pulapaka

Author: Maria Shanley

Chef Hari Pulapaka from Cress RestaurantChef Hari Pulapaka from Cress Restaurant
Executive Chef & Co-Owner

Challenge Day: From Sept. 11-18, 2012
Chef Hari’s wife Jenneffer joined him in taking the challenge. They both took the challenge for a whole week.

Short Bio: In addition to being an active, tenured Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Stetson University, I am also the Executive Chef and Co-Owner (with Jenneffer) of Cress Restaurant in downtown DeLand, FL. I am also a certified executive chef as recognized by the American Culinary Federation. Cress is a vibrant successful restaurant that opened in August 2008. In addition to being the Executive Chef at Cress, I am also its Chef de Cuisine, Kitchen Manager, web site developer and administrator, social network administrator, and run the line every night. Meanwhile, I also fulfill all the responsibilities of my academic position at Stetson University and teach full-time. Needless to say, I take advantage of every waking moment of every day following my personal, academic and culinary passions to the best of my abilities.

  • Why did you join the SNAP Challenge? We wanted to challenge ourselves to “walk the walk”. We are passionate about helping individuals or organizations who are aligned with our core values of decency, compassion, and humanity. Read More …
September 24, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge: Chef Ed Colleran

Author: Maria Shanley

Chef Ed Colleran Chef Ed Colleran from Universal Studios
Executive Sous Chef

Challenge Day: September 21, 2012
Short bio: Universal Orlando Resort over 22 years, originally from Boston, moved to Orlando in 1990 to open Universal Studios and currently the Chef of Universal Studios Theme Park. Board Member of Second Harvest Bank.

  • Why did you join the SNAP Challenge? Thought it would be a rewarding challenge and the importance to understand the needs of the community and the difficulty as a consumer to provide for their family on a limited budget. As a Board member of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, I wanted to better understand the needs and the community we serve. Read More …