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October 3, 2013

Dave Krepcho: SNAP Challenge Final Day

Author: Dave Krepcho

Dave's healthy mealEating Healthy?

Much to the surprise of my wife and I, you can eat healthy…some of the time. The dinner in the photo above cost $3 – $3.50, above our average cost of $2.00. As soon as you go for the real healthy meals it does tap the rest of your budget. If I were to have to live on a  low budget long-term, there definitely would be some education to pursue about budget stretching. I have access to chefs and a dietician at Second Harvest so lots of suggestions and advice are forthcoming and very helpful. However, think about most of the people who rely on SNAP and the fact they most likely don’t have access to such insight. One of the outcomes of this experience is the fact that Second Harvest will look at what resources are needed to provide more education to the people we serve when it comes to nutrition and shopping on a budget. When you consider that Second Harvest reaches approximately 700,000 different people each year through our partners, there’s a lot of potential to share knowledge along with the 39 million pounds of food provided. Read More …

October 1, 2013

Dave Krepcho: SNAP Challenge Day 5

Author: Dave Krepcho

Dave's tuna sandwich & appleA huge disclaimer to anyone who may be reading these blogs – this one week experience by my wife and I in no way gets close to the reality of someone who must live week-in and week-out on a low income and depending on SNAP to hopefully get them through the month. However, it does provide a glimpse at some of the issues one might face and there is a value to that because it does negate the claims by some that people receiving SNAP are doing just fine and mooching off the government. Also, there’s nothing like “walking in the miles of someone else’s shoes” for a while to appreciate what you have and enjoy and to be able to relate to their story in some small way.

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September 25, 2013

Dave Krepcho: SNAP Challenge Day 2

Author: Dave Krepcho

Chil and salad for dinner on the SNAP challengeBreakfast wasn’t too bad and consisted of a bowl of cereal a banana and a cup of coffee. But by 10:00AM, I was missing my mid-morning snack and an extra cup of coffee. At 11:00, I’m hungry, it’s preoccupying my mind. I wonder if people who have to live on SNAP get used to the feeling of hunger or does it chronically bother them? If I was a child how could I possibly concentrate in school? Or a high school age student, how would I have the energy for band or football practice? Fortunately, the average time a family is on SNAP is for 8 months, and not years. These benefits are structured to provide a work incentive. For every additional dollar a SNAP participant earns, their benefits decline by about 36 cents. So these folks have an incentive to work longer hours or seek better employment if available. Read More …

September 24, 2013

Dave Krepcho: SNAP Challenge Day 1

Author: Dave Krepcho

Can of Rotel tomatoes The Challenge

My wife and I agreed that we would live on a SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) budget for one week. According to the USDA, as a couple, we will have $86 budget for one week of food. That amount is equivalent to $2 per meal during the course of the week. (…and to realize that a café latte is equivalent to about two meals). Beyond working within the budget, we want to eat as healthy as possible. We did not go to different stores chasing every deal because what we might have spent in gas may negate any savings, not to forget about the time it takes. And we are a household that has a car, 40% of SNAP households do not have access to their own transportation. I’m glad we did not have to take the bus because we would not have been able to carry all the shopping bags…yet another challenge. Read More …

October 22, 2012

Thank You SNAP Challenge Participants

Author: Jen Landress

Food Stamp ChallengeDuring the month of September five local chefs and one restaurant critic took part in a SNAP (food stamp) Challenge as part of Hunger Action Month for Second Harvest Food Bank. They were each asked to live off a food stamp budget of $6.67 for one day. We’d like to start off by giving a big thanks to each of them:

·  Chef Marco Colon, Chef at Universal Studios

·  Chef Jamie McFadden, Executive Chef and Founder of Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine & Events

·  Chef Hari Pulapaka, Executive Chef & Co-Owner of Cress Restaurant

·  Chef Ed Colleran, Executive Sous Chef at Universal Studios

·  Chef Kevin Fonzo, Executive Chef and Owner of K Restaurant

·  Scott Joseph, Restaurant Critic

Each participant answered a few questions about why they chose to participate and what the experience was like for them. Check out their answers at: . Read More …

September 26, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge: Scott Joseph

Author: Maria Shanley

Scott Joseph Restaurant CriticScott Joseph
Restaurant Critic

Challenge Day: September 12, 2012



  • Why did you join the SNAP Challenge? As someone who regularly dines out on extravagant meals, I wanted to know the food challenges that someone with limited means faces. Read More …