Bringing Hope Home

Hunger in Central Florida remained a daunting challenge for hundreds of
thousands of our low-income neighbors in fiscal year 2017-18. In both good
economic times and bad, it is a sad truth that our community has never fully met the need for food assistance for our seniors, kids, working-poor families and others.

Yet, over the past 35 years, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida has
continued to multiply the abundance and generosity of a caring community in new and effective ways. Contributions of dollars, food and volunteer time have continued to grow into incredibly significant actions that resulted in 58 million meals for people in just the past fiscal year alone. As a result, the gap of unmet needs continues to shrink, even in the face of incredible population growth and other big changes for our area.

We hope you, as a member of our community, are as proud as we are of the
difference the Second Harvest Food Bank mission continues to make for so
many people. Whether providing more food for more people or providing vital job training needed to become more self-sufficient, the food bank
continues to chip away at the serious problem of hunger.

I can tell you with a food banker’s optimism that the future of hunger relief is a bright one. With your help and the assistance of many others, your food bank will continue to remain committed to the innovation and excellence for which we have become known. We believe deeply in the idea that hunger is solvable with resources that already exist.

We are grateful you share our belief, and look forward to working together with you to fight hunger, and … to feed hope.

View the 2017-18 annual report.

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