Bringing Disaster Relief to South Carolina

Disaster relief food boxes sent to South CarolinaAlthough we have been quite fortunate so far this season with Hurricanes, others have not.  As you may have seen on the news, recently there has been a tremendous amount of rainfall in the Carolinas generated by Joaquin, with some areas receiving an excess of 20 inches.  Dams have failed, people have lost their lives and many families have been evacuated or sustained heavy damage to their homes.

Being in a natural disaster prone area, Second Harvest Food Bank works with Feeding America to be prepared for immediate disaster relief in the case of some catastrophic event. Because of this, when we were contacted for disaster help, we had three truckloads of emergency food boxes ready to go out, thanks to the help of volunteers who had packed them up.

Last week, 120,000 lbs of food went out to help with disaster reliefs in South Carolina, right into the area of need. Thanks to all of your daily efforts, and the support and donations of the community, local farms, and partner corporations and organizations, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida continues to be a symbol of hope and help both locally and beyond.

Bill Collins
Chief Operating Officer

Disaster relief food boxes sent to South Carolina Disaster relief food boxes sent to South Carolina

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