Before We Hit the Field, Benefits Connection Hits the Books

Beneficts Connection Team
Food Stamp experts aren’t born, they’re trained. In the past year our Benefits Connection food stamp outreach team has grown from four staff to ten. In that time we’ve learned that if we pick specialists with people skills we can always train the food stamp policy later.

It takes a month from the first work day to be able to go out into the field solo. Our training process is a combination of classroom learning, self-study and shadowing. Our greenhorns are paired up throughout their training period with our Benefits Connects veterans who have seen nearly everything possible Benefits Connection Trainingwhile helping our clients get assistance.

The learning doesn’t end after first month though. We have trainings and best practice sessions throughout the year for all of our Benefits Connection staff. It’s a great way to team build and enhance our program. A well educated team is better equipped to serve the community.

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Brady Koch
Director of Agency Relations & Programs

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