Are You Up For The Challenge?

Are You Up For The Challenge?We sure hope so! Because the Pound for Pound Challenge is BACK for a 3rd year!

Are you new to the Pound for Pound Challenge? NBC’s The Biggest Loser will partner with General Mills and Subway to encourage Americans to lose weight through the Pound For Pound Challenge. Built around the incredible success of The Biggest Loser, the program allows anyone to shed pounds along with the show’s contestants by pledging their weight-loss goals at For every pound pledged, the Pound For Pound Challenge will donate 11 cents to a food bank in your community!

So, let’s make Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida the #1 food bank in America! Already we are first in Florida. So go ahead and think about your goal, pledge the pounds, and let your friends and family know!

Remember- for us to get the credit, one must type in a Central Florida zip code. We have until May 2011 to meet our goals. Did you already meet your goals last challenge?? You can still help! New this year, you can pledge to maintain your current healthy weight. That pledge will count as a 5 lb pledge to your local food bank.

Like many of you, employees of Second Harvest Food Bank are resolving to get healthier in 2011. To kick start that goal, we have started our very own Biggest Loser challenge among our staff. We know that living healthy, feeling energized, and increasing our knowledge of wellness, helps us to serve our community more effectively. For some, losing weight is a step towards that direction.

Over the next 12 weeks, participating employees will be encouraged and coached along towards their weight loss efforts.  Ultimately, we know that everyone that takes on the challenge is a winner, but the title of “Biggest Loser” will be given to the person who loses the largest percentage of bodyweight. Is this something you are interested in doing in your company? Let us know!

Meet the Second Harvest Food Bank Pound for Pound Challenge Team!
Meet the Second Harvest Food Bank Pound for Pound Challenge Team!















Check back for weekly updates and tips for success. Please share your favorite recipes, work out tips, and success stories. It is always better to have the support of friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors!

Don’t forget to pledge your pounds!

What a great way to not only help ourselves, but also our neighbors in need. Together we are creating healthier lifestyles and fighting for a hunger free Central Florida!!

If you have any questions about the Pound for Pound Challenge, please contact Sheyanne Cohron at or 407-843-5009 x28.

Good luck everyone!

Sasha Hausman
Development Manager

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