Apples for Christmas

Christmas applesThis time of year, I am reminded of the story of Cindy, a young single mother of a vivacious, red-headed six year old named Vivian. Having left an abusive situation almost two years before, Cindy was doing the best she could with the small amount she earned from her hourly-wage job. As Christmas approached, she worried that she would not have the ability to put food on the table, and contacted Second Harvest to learn whether help might be available. She sobbed on the phone as she related her struggle.

After referring Cindy to one of the Food Bank’s outstanding partner food assistance programs, the staff person who had spoken to her realized she had been deeply touched by the conversation. After leaving work, this same staff person went home and gathered some food supplies that she wanted to personally and anonymously contribute to Cindy and Vivian.

She included a food basket, a few toys, and even an old Christmas tree she had in the attic. She drove to the address Cindy had given, and carefully laid the items on the front porch. Before she could make it back to her car, however, the door opened, and a squeal of delight was heard. After a brief introduction, our staff person watched Vivian walk right past the toys she had brought, and straight to the food basket.

“Mom! Apples! Can I have one right now?,” the girl asked. The gratitude Cindy expressed was truly heartfelt.

For some of us it’s difficult to imagine a six-year-old who would pass up Christmas toys to get to a red shiny apple. To me, however, it’s a reminder of the hunger that so many families with kids  experience during the holidays.

special tax-deductible gift today can make an incredible, hope-filled difference for kids like Vivian. With less than eleven days remaining of this calendar year, there is no better time to think about what your personal investment in hope could be.

So many families and kids are counting on you.

Dave Krepcho
CEO and President

P.S. Did you know that your $10 tax-deductible gift can provide up to $90 in groceries for kids in our community.

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