Anita’s Story of Hope & Courage

For many seniors today a relaxing retirement is an unattainable dream. According to Generations United, about 2.5 million grandparents are responsible for their grandchildren’s needs, like Anita. She is a resident of Orlando’s Washington Park neighborhood and cares for four grandchildren, ages 5, 8, 9 and 11.

“It’s difficult to be a parent the second time around,” she says, adding that because the kids are so close in age, their energy is exhausting.

“While their activities and homework can be daunting, the hardest task I face is keeping them all fed,” Anita admits.

Anita’s son, their father, works hard to support the family, but his hourly wages at a cell phone retail store are not enough to keep up with the family’s growing needs. Anita receives SNAP benefits, but her limited income and her son’s unpredictable work schedule make it hard to consistently make ends meet. “Someone always needs a snack, or shoes, or a haircut. They don’t stop growing just because we’re on a limited budget.”

Thanks to you, Anita has found support at Washington Park Church of God. Over the years she has received clothes and food assistance to help make ends meet. And when she can, she pays it forward. She recently volunteered at a pantry event to show her appreciation and to give back to a community that is always there for her when she needs help.

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