And the 2017 Hunger Bowl Champs Are….

Ohio State with hunger bowl trophyAny college football fan can tell you – school rivalries can easily run generations deep. Getting opposing teams to work on the same side can be nearly impossible, but that’s exactly what two Big Ten Central Florida alumni clubs did five years ago when they started their Hunger Bowl fundraising campaign.

Since the beginning, local Ohio State and University of Michigan alumni have been battling it out on the Hunger Bowl field – all to fight hunger in their community. They may not be able to agree on whose team is best, but they both agreed that no kid, senior, or family should go hungry in Central Florida.

Recently, other Big Ten alumni clubs have joined the Hunger Bowl online fundraiser. They now work together AND compete to end the rumble and grumble of hunger, and since 2013, have raised over $32,630 and collected over 840 pounds of food.

This year was especially intense, as eight Big Ten alumni clubs competed to win the 2017 Hunger Bowl Championships and take home the trophy. The competition was tough until the very end! Michigan had an early lead and held it all the way up to the final week – that is until Ohio State came in at the last quarter and ran away with the win.

Hunger Bowl rankings

At Second Harvest Food Bank, we know we could never make the impact we do without the support of our generous and passionate Central Florida community. Thank you to Purdue, Michigan State, Maryland, Rutgers, Iowa Hawkeyes, Penn State, Michigan, and Ohio State for making such a difference in the lives of our neighbors in need. This year alone, you have provided nearly 35,000 meals and lots of hope to local kids, families, and seniors.

Want to learn more about how you can get your alumni clubs involved? Or feel inspired to start your own fundraising campaign?  Contact Melissa Kear at or check out our website to learn how you can organize your own food and fund drive.

Congrats to the Ohio State Alumni Club of Central Florida for taking home this year’s trophy! They are currently the undefeated champs of the Hunger Bowl, but the real winners will always be the lives changed because of the efforts of all teams involved.


Melissa Kear
Digital Fundraising and Media Manager

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