ADEPT: Helping Our Agencies Clients

ADEPT classes We care about the organizational well-being of our agencies because without them, there would be no way Second Harvest Food Bank could provide food for more than 55,000 people each week right here in Central Florida.

At Second Harvest we offer an ADEPT (Agency Development Education Planning and Training) program that provides training to our partner agencies to help them with different aspects of running a nonprofit organization. While the classes are usually aimed directly at nonprofit agencies, we’ve recently decided to test a few classes with clients themselves. Each semester at Second Harvest we receive wonderful interns from UCF. Jen and Judith have been helping us out this semester and have been working hard on a new serise of classes geared specifically to the individuals that our partners serve.

ADEPT Classes The “Money for Food” classes are adapted from a successful program developed by the Wisconsin Nutrition Education program.

The goal is to help clients learn how they can become more food secure while only having limited incomes and resources. For example, do you know that there are complete listings of restaurant’s “Kids Eat Free” nights?
This series of classes are being taught at the Calvary Outreach Center, where Pastor Clint Wallace graciously donated their classroom space and helped recruit students from his pantry clients. The first of twelve classes was very successful as we had 12 clients in attendance. Great job, Jen and Judith and thank you Calvary Outreach Center!
Are you interested in coming to an ADEPT class? Check out the upcoming classes scheduled.

Erin Gray
Agency Relations Manager

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