Abbott and Second Harvest Food Bank Volunteers Pack 2,000 Disaster Relief Packs

Did you know that the start of hurricane season is almost two weeks away? This week Abbott and Feeding America helped Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida along with other Florida food banks prepare for hurricane season.

Today, Second Harvest Food Bank volunteers and 16 Abbott employees packed 2,000 disaster relief packs. The relief packs will be pre-positioned at Second Harvest Food Bank and at Feeding America food banks throughout Florida to provide immediate help for families in the event of a disaster.

Each Abbott disaster relief pack contains Abbott Nutrition products such as nutritional bars and drinks for adults and children that can meet a family’s immediate nutritional needs for three days.

Thank you Abbott and Feeding America for partnering together to help meet critical community needs in Florida.

Picture of volunteers packing disaster relief packs at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida:

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Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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