A Spoon Full of Hope to Create Sustainability for Culinary Training Program

On October 30, 2018, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida officially became the first-ever Feeding America network member across the United States to launch a signature food product line. Called A Spoon Full of Hope, the line was designed to create sustainability for the 16-week Culinary Training Program, which provides at-risk and economically disadvantaged adults no-cost culinary and life skills training to pursue a sustainable career in the food industry.

“Three years ago, we decided to embark on a creative culinary journey in an effort to create sustainability for our Culinary Training Program,” said Dave Krepcho, president and CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. “Today, the day has arrived where a dream has become a reality. I am so impressed by our talented chefs and am looking forward to providing more opportunities to those coming through the program. To-date we’ve graduated 231 students with a 100-percent job placement rate.

A Spoon Full of Hope includes a tomato basil Soup for Good (16 oz., $4.99).

Honey for Good including mangrove (2-20 oz., $4.59 – $15.59) as well as orange blossom (16 oz., $7.49), palmetto (16 oz., $7.49), and wildflower (16 oz., $7.49).

Shortbread Cookies for Good, which can be personalized. 

Healthy Lunch for Good, for corporate and volunteer meals.

“We started with the tomato basil Soup for Good, thinking this is what we’d launch first,” said Nancy Brumbaugh, Second Harvest food service director. “But then we saw an opportunity to do more as we took a look at our own healthy recipes utilizing honey; then included our shortbread cookies as there’s been an overwhelming response to them. We knew this could be bigger than what we originally expected and more chef-developed products are already underway.”

The Honey for Good trio of orange blossom, palmetto and wildflower are locally sourced through 96-year-old Goldenrod Apiaries; and packed raw, uncooked and unfiltered. The mangrove honey – otherwise known as the “Bee Keepers Special” – hails from Jester Bee Company in Mims. All of the packaging and labeling currently occurs by staff and volunteers in Second Harvest’s Production Kitchen.

The tomato basil Soup for Good was created by Second Harvest Chef Jill Holland in collaboration with packaging partner IPAC located in Winter Springs. “It was important to us that we use clean ingredients with no preservatives or additives,” stated Holland. “It was equally important these ingredients were of the highest quality standards from vendors who share our vision.”

Thanks to all who joined in the celebration to “Pop the Top” off A Spoon Full of Hope. 

Throughout the month of November, 4 Rivers Smokehouse has partnered with Second Harvest to showcase and sell the Soup for Good and Honey for Good products in all six of its Central Florida locations, and The Coop.

Visit ASpoonFullofHope.org to learn more or to view and purchase any of A Spoon Full of Hope products. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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