A Decades Old American Brand Lost and So Much More

Hostess Donuts PictureAn iconic national brand is lost and that’s sad, especially if you grew up with it and enjoyed your share of Twinkies. The demise of Hostess is another sign of a struggling economy; 18,000 jobs lost nationwide, many right here in Central Florida. But what’s really tragic is that this hits very close to home. I’m referring to the people behind the brand, working baker’s hours and driving delivery trucks to provide to the rest of us. One of our Board Members’ in-laws both worked for Hostess for nearly 20 years and were closing in on earned retirement benefits – no longer. Sometimes we think it only happens to the other person, and then, it hits close to home and gets personal.

What I hope America hears about is what Hostess is doing as they dismantle the company. We received a call from the local facility that produces Hostess products and were offered 18 truckloads of their products that won’t be sold. And there is probably more to come.

The products are what we classify as “sometimes food” because you don’t base a steady diet on these tasty delights. Everyone needs a treat once in a while. Unfortunately these products will not be available for “any time” any more.

As we continue into this holiday season, let’s take stock of what we might take for granted and give thanks for what we have. And let’s keep those Hostess employees in our thoughts and prayers so that they may find work. The possibility of the irony of food producing people not having an adequate supply themselves is just too great. We can solve hunger, one meal at a time. We can be part of the solution.


Dave Krepcho


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