A Day for Kids

La La Day of Giving is here! Thanks to 121 supporters just like you, we are 84% of the way to providing an additional 200,000 meals for kids and families this summer.

Your gift, in any amount, will make an incredible difference.

A school teacher at a low-income school in the Orlando area recently shared this story with me.

“I was a seasoned teacher and thought I had seen everything. The first week of school I noticed children were hungry upon arrival each morning and brought no lunch with them.

One day at school, a student was throwing away an unwrapped sandwich in the trash just because he didn’t want it.

Another student saw this, and ran up to him and said, ‘STOP! Are you throwing that sandwich away? Can I have it? Dude, I’ve been hungry before. Don’t ever just throw food away!’”

1 in 5 kids is at risk of going to bed hungry every night in our community. School cafeterias closing for summer means kids will be left without these essential meals that they need to learn, grow and thrive. Your gift today will help ensure that kids have access to healthy, nutritious meals all summer long.

Thank you for making a difference.

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