9,000 kids need your click today

9,000 kids need your click today Kayleigh is nine years old, and in the fourth grade at a Seminole County elementary school. Each day, she and her 6th grade brother participate in their school’s free breakfast and lunch programs.

Even though Kayleigh’s mother works more than 50 hours per week at two separate jobs, there is often not enough money to buy enough food for the family to have enough food on weekends. Both kids used to dread the weekend days, and also the summertime.

Now, they are able to get a weekend feeding pack on Fridays from their teacher, which takes the edge off their rumbling bellies until they can get back to school on Monday. These packs will also help supplement the meals they will get through the school’s ‘summer feeding’ program beginning in June.

Between now and Tuesday (April 30), Second Harvest Food Bank urgently requests your help in accessing a $45,000 grant from Walmart to provide 9,000 weekend feeding packs for kids this summer. Vote daily here >>

With your votes, so many kids just like Kayleigh will be in danger of not receiving the benefits of this grant. Please vote daily and share the urgency of this request with everyone you know.

Thank you!

Dave Krepcho

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