500,000,000 Meal Milestone

This morning we marked a major milestone in Second Harvest’s 37 year history :

Distribution of enough food for a half billion meals.

The moment is somewhat bittersweet due to the fact that the need for food is real and needed. However, it is cause for celebration at the same time. This feat would not be possible without the incredible community support. Volunteers, food donors, financial donors and our very special 550 Partner Agencies and Staff. Every one of us has a part to play and makes this happen.

In order to get a better idea of how much food 500 million meals represents, here are a few fun pictures:

If you lined up 500 million plates end to end it would stretch 80,000 miles.
That line of plates would stretch from Orlando to San Francisco…2,500 times!

or Four times around the circumference of the earth!

or Would fill the Amway event center 22,000 times!

Hopefully, the need will disappear some day and we will celebrate closing our doors.

Thank you for supporting Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida!

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