267,000 Individuals: $53,426,700; 41,000 Comments: Priceless.

A month ago, we asked you to advocate on a rule changed proposed by USDA that would have a profound impact on Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs).

Because of your action against the proposed rule change, we were able to provide close to 200 comments via postcard and online!

Under the current rules, ABAWDs can get food assistance with SNAP for only three months if they’ve lost their job. States like Florida can choose to waive the time limit in areas where there aren’t enough jobs available. USDA is proposing to take this flexibility away from states and cut off a lifeline for those who are looking for work and trying to survive.

There are approximately 267,000 ABAWDs in the state of Florida and an estimated 775,000 nationwide.

Here are a few examples of unique comments advocates sent to USDA about the proposed rule:

“This issue is important to me because food should not be a choice for individuals and families. Keeping food stability is so important when someone is trying to find a job, a better paying job, or recovering from an illness/injury.”

“This is important to me because I am very sick and my husband takes care of me. Please don’t penalize us.”

“I see people come into our food pantry on a regular basis who need assistance. The majority are seniors who are trying to make ends meet on fixed incomes and grandparents who have for whatever reason taken on the task of raising grandchildren. Most people we deal with are honest, hard-working individuals that just need a hand.”

If you missed the deadline to submit your comment, take the pledge to fight hunger in our community at www.feedhopenow.org/advocacy

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