2015’s Summer Food Program for Children A Huge Success

Summer Break Spots trailerStudents across the region return to school last month. The hot days of summer may slowly be becoming a distant memory, but at Second Harvest one thing will surely be remembered; and that’s the dramatic growth of our Summer Food Program and its remarkable innovation in finding ways to get healthy meals to needy children in four counties.

Front and center is our Community Kitchen and its dedicated staff, without whom the increase in children served would have not been possible. Since June 8th, thousands of nutritious meals were prepared daily, portioned, wrapped, and transported in refrigerated trucks to over 38 locations in the Central Florida area. To complement the kitchen, we contracted the services of other prepared meal providers so as to reach outlying areas such as Seminole and Brevard Counties to serve an additional 27 locations. This time around we were able to extend our reach further north with the addition of Temple Terrace Boys and Girls Club.

Production Kitchen meals blog

Another first was our mobile trailer which was used to transport and serve children living in mobile home communities and apartment complexes, helping meet the need of those kids who were unable to attend summer camps or other programs.

This three-pronged approach demonstrates the flexibility with which we’re able to address ever-changing nutritional needs. The summer program has experienced remarkable growth since its rookie year in 2008. Images are worth a thousand words. The chart tells the story:
Meals served since 2008

Santos Maldonado
Childhood Hunger Programs Manager

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