2014 David Pearlman Spirit of Volunteerism Award

For those of you who have been around Second Harvest Food Bank for a number of years, you may have known one of our organization’s pioneers…Dave Pearlman.  Dave Pearlman was the founder and owner of a little furniture company here in Orlando called Kane’s Furniture.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Not so little anymore, for sure.

There have been few people, if any, more passionate about reducing food waste and feeding people in need than Dave Pearlman.  He was a man who got up before dawn to drive his trailer around to the back doors of restaurants each day collecting whatever they had available, and delivering it to feeding programs.  He served on the Second Harvest Board of Directors for many years, and the food pantry program at Jewish Family Services in Orlando bears his name.  Though Dave is no longer with us, he left a legacy of involvement, action, and hope.  He proved the impact that one individual can have on a serious problem.

Today I have the pleasure and honor of recognizing another such individual.  Someone who has gone above and beyond for our neighbors.  Someone who is driven to action by the thought of a child going hungry, or a family in need.  Someone who is determined to bring together the resources that can help a community take care of its own.  

Julie Morby started volunteering for our Taste of the Nation fundraiser in 2008.  She helped several years and then in 2012 Julie Morby Poluski joined our Taste of the Nation committee but it didn’t take long for her to make her presence felt.  From hunger messaging, organizing volunteers, auctions and beyond…Julie has helped made Taste of the Nation the incredible event it is today.

If that wasn’t enough, Julie then decided to try her hand in building massive structures out of canned goods.  She volunteered to help with our Canstruction event.  Her first structure was called “Minionmizing Hunger!”.  It featured the minions from Despicable Me putting together weekend kids packs.  The structure was made of 2,940 food items!

Julie then decided that 2 events with the Food Bank wasn’t enough so she joined our Wine Women & Shoes committee.  She helped with PR for the event and spent most of the day before tackling chair covers.  To date, she has been our only volunteer to help with all 3 of our large events.  Beyond all that, she volunteers whenever she can in our warehouse, other miscellaneous fundraisers or wherever is needed.  We have never heard a “no” from Julie.

Julie is one of the most selfless volunteers we have met here at Second Harvest.  There is no task too big or small in her eyes.  She gladly accepts every challenge with a smile and encourages others to join her.  She makes volunteering fun and she is a pleasure to work with.

Julie, thank you so much for believing in this mission.  You have done some incredible things in just a few years.  We cannot say thank you enough.

On behalf of everyone here at Second Harvest and especially on behalf of our neighbors in need, we’re proud to present to you the 2014 David Pearlman Spirit of Volunteerism Award.

Thank you for everything.

Dave Krepcho

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