2010 Customer Service Survey: Identifying Opportunities to Build Capacity

I continue to review the responses that have been returned for the Customer Service Survey and want to share more results with you.

One of the main reasons we have our ADEPT program is to provide our agencies with opportunities to learn more about building the sustainability and outreach of their agencies. In order to assess our focus areas we asked you what was your biggest barriers to distributing more food.

Here’s the results:

Question 9: What are some of the issues that limit the amount of food you receive from Second Harvest?

All the Time= 1
Sometimes = 2
Rarely= 3
Never= 4

Transportation                                     3.15

Volunteer/Staff Availability                    3.18

Fundraising/Revenue shortfalls              2.54

Lack of dry storage space                    3.01

Lack of refrigerator/freezer space          2.83

Availability of appointment times           3.28

Warehouse hours of operation              3.46


Brady Koch
Director of Agency Relations & Programs

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