Volunteer Superheroes

It’s been said that regular volunteerism has many benefits, such as connecting with others, increasing self-confidence and adding fulfillment to your life. For these and many other reasons, you will find members of the Florida Orlando Mission at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida every Wednesday afternoon. Last year this group of volunteers contributed 3,649 volunteer hours!

Two of these dedicated volunteers are Brother and Sister Mantyla. For the last ten months they have volunteered to help sort food donations. Most weeks are spent in the meat sorting area, helping pack protein donations for our neighbors in need.

“This is meaningful work,” said Sister Mantyla.““We know this food is going to important places to help and nourish people who need it.”

The Mantylas have witnessed the sense of camaraderie and team building that is fostered during volunteer shifts

“We love to see the younger members come in and enjoy each other’s company while working hard at the same time,” said Brother Mantyla. “Danny, Justin and Lorri make this a lot of fun for us.”

Each week the group tries to beat the prior week’s total of meals provided. It is motivating to them to see their efficiency increase week after week.

“When we come here we can give all that we have individually to whatever task we are assigned, but at the end of the shift, it’s great to see the collective impact of the group,” explained Elder Pennock.

“When I volunteer at Second Harvest, I feel like I can do more and help more people,” added Sister Stowell.

To learn more about volunteering as an individual or a group, visit www.feedhopenow.org/volunteer.

Author: Maria Shanley

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

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